Melody Jane steps in to Hostess, Sits Down with Dandy Dillinger for Tips

Dandy Dillinger (left) and Melody Jane. Photo: Don Spiro.

Dandy Dillinger (left) and Melody Jane. Photo: Don Spiro.

The July 25 Wit’s End party at Flute Midtown, with the Pre-War Ponies performing, will also see the debut of our newest hostess, Melody Jane. She’s a performer and singer, most recently in the revival of the Marx Brothers show, I’ll Say She Is, which is coming back in 2016 at the Connelly Theatre. Melody is stepping into the ruby-encrusted shoes this month of her pal, Dandy Dillinger.

We conducted an interview with these two charming ladies in their bathtub.

Dandy, you’ve been hostess for the party for a few months now. What’s a secret you can share with Melody, to help her make her debut?

Always have fun, you are there to bring the room together and keep the party going. If you’re not enjoying yourself how do you expect anyone else to.

Melody, what’s something you bring to the party that no other hostess can bring?

I am a Vaudevillian American Sweetheart that will sing, dance, and charm any crowd into the wee hours of the morning.

Melody, any questions for Dandy?

How on earth do you always manages to look so stunningly beautiful?!

Melody Jane (left) and Dandy Dillinger. Photo: Don Spiro.

Melody Jane (left) and Dandy Dillinger. Photo: Don Spiro.

Dandy, does Melody have your sense of style?

Melody has her own since of style and its one of the things I love most about her. She doesn’t care what people think, and she has a nice mix of a little bit of every era along with her own touch but can morph into the parts she plays very well.

Melody, what can we expect to see on July 25?

This July I will be hosting the greatest vintage-style champagne party in New York City! In addition to the fantastic live jazz music and vintage cocktails, you can expect me to sing a tune or two and dance the night away.

Dandy, any advice for this woman?

Just be you girl.

Advance tickets are available via Ticketweb, or get them at the door for $15. More information here.