Our Year In Review 2015: Hot

Dandy Wellington, Feb. 2015, Wit's End

Dandy Wellington, Feb. 2015, Wit’s End

Wit’s End™ began in 2009, and in 2015 we managed to have 11 monthly parties. It was quite a year, with some of New York’s greatest jazz bands performing. We had wonderful nights at Flute Midtown, which was an actual speakeasy run by the legendary Texas Guinan. In November we squeezed in one more part at the new Fillmore Room in West Chelsea.

A big thank you to the staff of Flute this year, who were superb hosts and really helped us have so many fantastic nights.

Kita, Christine, and Mike

Kita, Christine, and Mike

We are very lucky to have such a great team. Everyone that comes to one of our parties meets Christine at the door. Our dance leaders, Jeri-Lynn and Neal, have been with us since 2009. Our hostesses this year were Kita St. Cyr, Dandy Dillinger, Miss Melody Jane, and Eden Atencio. We think we have the best hostesses around!

We were joined by DJ Mike Will Cut You, who performed at most of our events in 2015. A WFMU Radio Host, Mike plays select tracks from his collection of rare vintage songs.

The producers this year: Kevin Fitzpatrick, Michael Haar, and Don Spiro (founder).

We kicked things off on January 31 with our “Hot Time in Winter Party” with hot jazz from Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess! Our hostess, Kita St. Cyr, spiced things up on a very cold night!

February 28 was our Sixth Anniversary party, and was the return of Dandy Wellington and His Band. It was fantastic (and crowded) night as we celebrated six years of being the longest-running monthly vintage party in New York. Dandy blew the doors off. Showgirl Kita St Cyr added the sparkles.

“A Night in Clover” was the theme of our March 28 party, with jazz from The Lady Bugs. Led by Martina DaSilva, it was one of the sweetest-sounding parties we’ve ever had. And with two ukuleleists in the house!

Melody Jane, DJ Mike Will Cut You, Dandy Dillinger

Melody Jane, DJ Mike Will Cut You, Dandy Dillinger

April 25 brought our annual “April Showers” party. Our period jazz was provided by Mike Davis and his Chicago Loopers. Our hostess was the lovely Dandy Dillinger.

The best hot jazz musicians in the east (and some from the west) attended the Third Annual New York Hot Jazz Festival on May 3 at the Players Club. Wit’s End™ sponsored the after party at midnight. It was an amazing jam session led by David Ostwald and Gordon Au.

“Mischief in May” on May 30 was swell party with Glenn Crytzer’s Quartet! Our hostess, Dandy Dillinger, continued her tradition of providing some pretty awful jokes…

At our June 27 “Moonshine in Manhattan” party we welcomed The Gotham Easy. A fantastic horn section! Our sponsor was Manhattan Moonshine.

Our July 25 “Midtown Melodies” party featured Daria Grace and the Pre-War Ponies. Our new hostess, Miss Melody Jane, debuted. She’s a songstress and burlesque star, wanted in six states for her monkeyshines and outlaw ways!

Our annual “Wild Party” on August 29 saw the debut of Jason Benjamin and Lime Juice Jazz perform with us. It was such a big party we needed two hostesses, Dandy Dillinger and Miss Melody Jane

The Buck and a Quarter Quartet performed Sept. 26, at the annual “September Swing” party. Our hostess, the devil-may-care Eden Atencio, even sang with the band!

The Wit’s End  7th Annual Black Cat Masquerade with Gelber and Manning was held a week before Halloween, on Oct. 24. Our hostess Dandy Dillinger kept the party rolling.

We closed out the year in November, with a special party at the Fillmore Room: the Manhattan Harvest featuring two hot bands Jesse Gelber and The Astor Boys! Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess! 

 Presented by Jesse Gelber, Lee Chappell, and Wit’s End™ the party also featured burlesque performances by Trixie Little, King of Boylesque Mr. Gorgeous, and Dandy Dillinger.

Wit’s End will return January 30, 2015, at our new venue. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @clubwitsend, and Like our Facebook page .